Today we are basically going to go over our pre-tech list and procedure right before performing a repair whether it be a screen, battery whatever it may be. Our procedures are as follows we check every function of the iPhone LCD, digitizer, camera, mic and speakers. There are different ways of pretty much finding out how exactly if they are working. So we got here we are going to start at the top:

  • LCD I have to check if the LCD is working properly and let’s do it from the beginning. From there we got a good LCD as you can see, the LCD has no cracks or anything. So what you do is to check mark it.
  • Digitizer – that where you check everything is touching correctly, touch here and open it up. Pretty all the apps and check it from all [01:22] to ensure that it’s working properly around to the top to see if it’s touching like it’s supposed to. Yes, this screen is good, no fail whatsoever and that determines that the digitizer is good.
  • Then you go to the camera check if the back camera is working and front came up. That’s working front and rear.
  • Now we got to go for the mic. The mic can be done numerous ways. The way I need to use it or as we need to is just go to the voice recording memo app. There you can just do a quick recording and playback on loud speaker. The same goes for the ear speaker what we will be doing is obviously take it off of speaker and that’s how you can check if your one ear speaker is working and two if your proximity sensor is working. You can just play it back. The proximity sensor is located right at the top of the phone. What I would do is place a thumb over it so it gets the signal that there is something over it so it should turn your screen black. So let’s give it a try that and it is working perfectly fine.
  • Now let’s check the light sensor that’s basically your brightness. Normally some people have it on auto pretty much relates to how bright your room is. So you go to settings, display and brightness and brightness includes your auto. That pretty much turns on and you see it moves a little. What I do to make sure is working turn it off and pull it all the way and then turn it back on and [03:52] and that’s when you know your light sensor is working.
  • Now we got the charging port here let’s connect it and it’s charging like a lightning bolt.
  • Then we have the volume turn up and down to increase and decrease the volume.
  • Mute, power and rotation button it working properly
  • Next we have the power button which is also your lock button…its working.
  • Then we have the headphones jack check connect the headphones in and we can go back to the voice memo or I would do it all together in one shot. I can hear it perfectly and it is working as it should.
  • Now we got the home button and let us open and close some apps and that’s working.
  • Then we have wifi check where go to settings and into wifi to check if it [05:48] signal when it picks up signals around that’s how you know its working.
  • Now we have the fingerprint normal I would lock it up and long press on the home button and there we go. The fingerprint sensor is working properly.
  • Check if it is powering off properly.

That is basically it for today. Thanks for watching.

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