computer doctor

We are your complete computer repair center. Any brand, HP, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony, Acer, Gateway, Compaq, Apple… Any type, laptop, desktop, all in one, gaming… We got you covered.

Woops.. Broken screen? Bad battery? Not Charging? Water damage? Do Not Worry, we specialize in iPhone repair. We have the expertise, tools and quality parts to fix it right.

ipad repair

Crack! It happens and when it does, bring it in we will put it back to “Like New”. We fix from iPad Mini to iPad Pro. Cracked glass, damaged LCD, not charging, bad battery and more.

Let us keep your Apple Macbook, MacBook Pro or iMac in tip-top condition and performance. We offer complete service for your Mac. From Lcd screen replacement to motherboard repair.

data recovery

Your hard drive will eventually fail, when it does hopefully you have a recent backup. If not, we can help recover your hard drive data and deleted pictures, documents and other data.

laptop screen repair

Macbook or PC ? Any brand, any size, touch screen, LCD or LED we can replace it for less than you thing. Don’t trash your laptop. Request a free estimate and make it like new again.

computer tune up

Over time computers get slow. We can get it back to full speed. We will make your computer perform to 100% of it’s original speed and we can upgrade it to perform faster than original.

virus removal

We know how frustrating those pesky pop-ups, spyware, malware and junkware slowing down your computer can be. We will clean it up so you can enjoy it again.

linux + windows

Linux is a great operating system. It makes your computer virtually invisible to Viruses and Malware. We can add Linux to your computer. Have the best of both worlds Windows and Linux.