MacBook Pro A1398 Battery Replacement

Here at PC 911, we received a MacBook Pro A1398 with a faulty battery that was causing the motherboard to short circuit. The job was to replace the faulty battery with a new one. We started by taking the back cover of which consisted of taking off a few screws and sliding the cover off.

Once that was done the next step was to disconnect the battery from the board which was connected by a clip which you can pull up and disconnect the battery. Then hold the power button to drain any remaining charge. Once everything is disconnected, we commence on removing the batteries. The process of removing them was simple but tedious we started by removing any screws holding it in place and followed up with a thin plastic card to pry in-between the crevasse in order to remove the glue holding the batteries to the palm rest. We did this with all of the batteries. Once all of them are removed it should just pop out altogether. From there we cleaned the remaining glue from the palm rest just to clean it up a bit. We placed the new batteries right where the old ones were and placed the screws back where they went, once it was all in we connected the battery cable to the board. From there we turned on the MAC and it was a success the MAC turned on perfectly and we ran more tests, with everything running great the repair was a success. And that’s what’s going on today at PC 911.