MacBook Pro A1425 Battery Replacement

Hey guys today we have a MacBook Pro A1425 Retina, with a old battery which last 10 minutes and gives false readings it can be at 100% and dies out. Also reports service and at very low cycles. This was a battery the customer actually bought online and said they will do it them selves but once they started getting into it, they decided it is not the best idea so they brought it to us. Especially because these batteries are kind of dangerous, we have had some incidents recently with them so you have to be careful with them. These batteries are glued down and you have to patient with them and sometimes its best that someone who has dealt with them before should do. This model in particular we haven’t done so we will give it a shot. So, I already took apart the back cover and the battery section. First thing I did was disconnect the battery. One tip is to discharge the battery as much as possible by simply playing a YouTube video for a long time it’ll deplete the battery. This battery the board actually pops out so we don’t even have to get near it. And also, the customer popped on of the cells out already. Usually what I like doing is putting a towel between the screen and keyboard just in case any alcohol seeps through it wont damage the screen. To pry the battery cells, I use a plastic card and some 99% alcohol to soften up the glue and pry it off. The adhesive is pretty thick so it’ll stay on both sides, the battery and the palm rest. Then I proceeded to the next side. The card I’m using is pretty firm and slim and with its rounded edges it won’t poke anything. With the cells separated I lifted it and it came out. The adhesive that is on the palm rest I will clean off. Once it is clean I will place the new battery after I ran some test making sure it works good, we run more test once it is on the device and that is what is going on tonight at PC911.