Hey everybody, welcome back I’ll show you today what’s going on over here at PC 911. We got this old Sony computer it’s missing a key here. You would think very easy just change that key but frankly the key is broken. The little pins in here are broken as well. So what we are going to do is change the whole keyboard. Which is a bit easier and it will come out perfect especially on this unit. So one of the first things you want to do is this. Take out the battery out and make sure you don’t short anything out, pop that there. Also you take a look on the back. Usually there is one or two screws. Maybe on the back here that is going to hold the keyboard in place. There was one here and I already took that one out. One with the keyboard there and each unit is a little bit different. So you want to take a look. Also sometimes you see these little tabs on these computers when you don’t see a lot of screws. There are little clips here that basically hold everything in place. So you need some of these little tools to kind of pop that back. It’s like a two step process of getting something in here. A little nice…wow this is tight sometimes it is so tight you can’t get in, wow.
With a little tool into the back here you can pull it up. And this one is super, extremely tight. Then at the same time you want to pop this one has these little clips here. I know it’s hard to see on this video. Going to see if I can grab this up at the side. There is not enough room on the top to grab it. Going to try to get it from here and this keyboard is really snug as snug as you can get, I am going to try to do the pop and lift…there you go. So in this case the only way to get in there is popping it and lifting it right from the same place so there is like four of these here and there you go. And that pops up, not all of them are this easy and you want to take a look at this connector here and the connectors, there are different types of connectors. This one here I am going move the camera over to show you but basically this connector just slides into place so you should be able to just slide this back and that’s going release it. I’m holding the camera so I am actually going to put the camera back over here so I can do that properly. Basically it pops back and then it just slides right out and then we are just going to do the reverse and put that back in, slide that back in it is going to slap into place.
You could see here the one screw that is holding the back in place and it’s good as new and I am going to put that back and show you the finished product in a minute. And here is the new keyboard so this one is pretty simple, you want to make sure this is clean that is going to slide into place there, hopefully. Now, if this thing is not popped out it is not going to slide into place. You may have to wiggle it to get that sucker in there but there goes you will feel it when it goes all the way in, once it goes all the way in you kind of push this back and that is what is going to tighten it up. Just make sure it is sealed all the way, clips on the bottom into the slot and then just basically at the top just press down and that baby is as good as new. So what’s happening at PC 911 today, thanks for watching.

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