Hey everybody, welcome back to PC911. I’ll show you what we working on today. This is a Macbook Pro and this customer is running what is called a dual operating system. She is running obviously her OS 10 and here she is using [00:18] Fusion and she’s using that to run Windows 7 inside as you can see here, inside her actual same operating system. There are pros and cons to this. The pro is that you don’t have to reboot your system if you want to use your Windows.

The negative or the con is that they both use the same system resources, the same RAM, the same CPU. So both operating system might end up being a little bit slower. So you have to decide which way you want to do that. Frankly, I prefer or I recommend the dual boot with a completely separate. When you start your computer you chose one or the other.

That way number one you get the full resources of the two operating systems. Or of each of the operating system that is running . I think it is just a little bit cleaner to not mix the two of them you know together inside. Either way you know how Windows is if you have a problem you are going to have a headache anyways. So here what happened is just basically her Windows crashed it is just not starting and it is stuck there so I am going to go there and try to repair that which could get a little bit complex. She does really only use one particular software that requires Windows so that’s really the only reason why it’s there.

We are going to wind up here. We are going to use boot camp. Boot camp is provided by Apple to do the dual boot system. So there they make it easy, it is in your utilities so you look for boot camp assistant. Right there and you open it up. It is pretty self explanatory what we are doing right now is we are downloading the Windows drivers which are the programs that recognizes all the software on this Mac super easy you don’t have to search for them.

Once you have and put the USB in you click go. It’s going to find all the drivers specifically for this machine. When we go back and start doing the Windows installation everything is going to be on there. So Apple is really making it easy for people who want to do this, you still may not want to it probably you better off taking it the shop for us to do. So going to follow up with you a little bit later hopefully everything goes smooth. This video setup goes smooth and I will catch you in a little bit.  Thanks for watching.

Hey everybody, welcome back we are going to follow up. That last video where we were downloading and creating the USB which was all those drivers. That took awhile we left it overnight so I’m here back the next day. Our second step here is to install the Windows what you want to there is that you got to. Have there ready an image of your Windows 7 installation. I have that here on this flash drive. So this little video on how to make those you have a it on CD or on a USB that’s what it is asking you for there and here we are going to go to our, we are just going to go to continue. And it ask you what size you want to make these partitions,

I’m going to make this Windows partition 50 GB. She’s not going to use it a lot so we are just going to keep it small but not too small. So we have to change it later. And pretty it then we are going to go install and it is going to go through that process and as you can see there it is going to create a partition separate and then we are going to go into the Windows installation.

So I will be following up and this will be like pieces of videos and then we are going to put them all together for you. A lot of these processes take a while so I don’t want you to sit here watching this progress bar move up. So that’s your second phase create the partitions and then I’ll you in a bit the process of the installation of the Windows. Thanks for watching.

Here is another follow up, basically we created a partition actually I’m using a CD now you saw I had this USB for whatever reason I had the image here Windows 7 I didn’t boot so I actually put in the CD. So this automatic, this [04:30] after I created the partition it automatically is going to look for your Windows install CD and it is just going to start up.

So at this point where in a regular Windows installation you to make sure that you installing your Windows in the proper partition and should be fairly easy because you know the partition size that we created. Which in this case was a 50 GB partition, so right here pretty simple I am not going to do the whole video on this part but straight up Windows 7 installation and then I will give you a follow up on the next step. Thanks for watching.

Alright guys, what happened there a follow up from the last video where you had the boot camp upgrade and the Windows partition. It automatically restarts into the installation, you are going to be presented with these partitions…you can see partition 4, the one created by boot camp.

Now boot camp doesn’t create an empty [05:25] partition so when you come here you still got to select it  and for sure make sure you don’t make a mistake here and basically you need to format that. 20fs which is going to be the standard format you don’t actually have to choose one, that’s going to be the default. And it is pretty much a straight up you know Windows installation just like any other at this point. So as you can see there we’ve got these files installing and if everything goes well. After this reboot we should be into Windows. Catch you in the next video thanks for watching.

Here we are, a full installation and this is the next reboot we named the computer. We named to users and we pretty much it and here we’ve got of course the product key. And then we are going to go to the drivers and I will give you an update. We will start doing the drivers here.

Here we are going to wrap up the tutorial here. I did the drivers let me show those to you it was a mission although. We did make the USB drive which was one of these over here with boot camp. Which supposedly saves you all the drivers. Not all of them installed so it was a little bit of a mission to get all these guys and if you see they are all clean. We had several, the display driver did not install we got that in now.

We had some problem with sound these here a lot of troubleshooting there so sometimes it works out smooth. Sometimes it got a little rocky here. But basically that’s the wrap up. It’s the normal installation once you get through the partition. We got this activated as you can see and it runs very, very smooth. They say that the best running Windows computer is a Mac.  Because the hardware and all that is so great and stream line and this computer is running great. So that’s going to wrap up your video on boot camp, putting Windows on your Mac. Thanks for watching.

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