Hey guys, want to show you what’s going on over here today at PC911. We have a Macbook here which we are replacing the hard drive. Nothing was wrong with the hard drive this customer just wants more performance. And nowadays computer upgrades are really, really one of the things that you should be looking at as far as RAM which is very simple and also SSD drives will make your computer really faster. So one of the things we were doing here is this is a desktop and most desktops have this big giant hard drive so as you know if you are going to replace an SSD you are going to say well how are you going to fit this in here. SSDs are small, basically what we have here this is pretty awesome, we got an EVO 1 TB drive these are getting much, much cheaper.

These are getting affordable, you can get a 240 SSD for just over $100, so basically you have to rig this in a good way but basically this comes with this bracket which is what mounts this full drive.  We basically just strapped it down to this bracket here. We put some double sided tape on the side and we are just going to remount it back right there and we got the cable. in here we are going to have number one the system is going to run much cooler we are not going to have this big hard drive generating heat and it is going to run much, much faster. So we are going to have a speedy iMac here for the customer. I’ll show you when it’s installed and do a quick follow up. Thanks for watching.

So here we are back and it’s good to go. It’s going to run much cooler and you can see its very stable. That’s not going anywhere its clued in and also its got a nice little kind of shock absorbing support. So that’s your iMac SSD upgrade right there. Thanks for watching guys.

Here it is of course remember before you put things completely back on a computer.  Test everything and the other part that we didn’t go over in this video is the hard drive. We made a clone of the actual drive because it was working and he wanted just to upgrade the speed this is actually a good drive.

Watch the digital black high performance drives but nothing like an SSD. So what I use for the clone was I call super duper. Its free and it took a while this is a TB drive and it had about 800 GB of data on it. So I believe it took like 12 hours. We just ran it and left it overnight and came back the next day and it was good to go. So as you see where we’re back in action. Over here and that concludes our quick video on upgrading the iMac. We went from a TB conventional spinning drive to a 1 TB EVO Samsung SSD. Thanks for watching.

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