The benfits of having a backup

Hey guys. Here I want to talk to you today a little bit about the benefits of actually having a backup. I’m almost talking to you about people who don’t have backups.  The trouble it causes them and all the headaches. Here I am going to give you the opposite experience. This is kind of a bad experience but I want to you know show something positive about it. Maybe we could prevent this for somebody else but basically I had a previous video .

I was working in this Mac and we were doing a dual boot system on it. We were installing boot camp if you were looking at one of my previous videos. But the point here is that since we were going to work on partitions etc. I really, really pushed on this customer to make what is called a time machine backup. Which is the backup that is built-in with Apple. With Macs what that does it creates a full operating system with not just your files but everything is all there. If you have a hard drive problem, if you lose your computer you restore everything back to normal. What you see here is not here computer, it’s a different computer.

The unfortunate happens

We had a really bad experience we showed that video where we were working on it on Saturday, Sunday morning Saturday night 2:30 a.m. they broke into our store and they took her computer. They took several computers but one of them that took that was hers, big problem – luckily they didn’t take the backup drive which was still here. And we found ourselves, we actually had here in stock I had another similar Mac actually it wind up being almost exact. So this is the end result I didn’t think of doing the video as I was going through it but basically we got another computer, another Mac very similar to hers. We got her time machine backup, restored it and as you can see this is an exact copy of where her machine was prior.

Backups to the rescue

She has an exact cloning of her machine. Sometimes there are different ways of doing backup, sometimes you just backup your data and that’s fine as well. But that would be the case then we would have a fresh operating system. Then we would be transferring the pictures and the files and those kinds of things. Here, it’s a little bit better because if you have a computer we have a lot settings like for example. This desktop is already organized. Programs that are already preinstalled. We have some things up here the antivirus that she is using. If you go to the apps, let’s go into the folder here and if we go to applications. You’re going to find that everything is there.

So huge, huge time saver for somebody who has got a real customized computer. If you have a Mac you definitely want to be using time machine. So this is not a tutorial on time machine.  I didn’t go over that with you guys you can probably I see you know a bunch out there but it is like one positive example of somebody having a backup. Yes, we had to replace the computer but all her stuff is here, all the setting are here. She is back up and running in less than 24 hours. So back it up if you got a Mac I definitely recommend time machine.

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