Hey guys, here we are on one of my store computers here. This is not my personal primary but this is like a secondary high performance desktop. We got back here and just a little while ago. I came to look at it and this is what I found.  Actually saw it doing the update Windows 10 automatically installed by itself no action on my part. I remember like 2 or 3 months back getting customers . They told me Windows 10 they didn’t chose to install it but it did it automatically. I kind of dismissed that because most people don’t really read their messages etc. Then after that I did a couple videos that you see,

I’ve seen Windows doing self checking itself to install and all kinds of crazy things. Well we have a little surprise here.  This one and I can guarantee this is not approved or checked on anybody here at our shop. To auto install and it did. Hopefully, this goes well because usually what I recommend if you’re going to do this make sure you don’t need your computer the next day because this is like flipping a coin because maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t. So I am going to go with Cortana actually I not going to go with Cortana and I’ll keep you posted. So we got ourselves a Windows…this is a computer that doesn’t have heavy use but it is one of our in shop computers so we’ll see how it goes I’ll keep you guys posted. Thank you for watching.

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