Verifying the site is still up

Where we are at now is we are back on our page. What I did I wanted to verify that the site was still up. We hit this page and we just wanted to make sure that here’s clear. Initially this wasn’t up the first time, maybe their site was down. Our counter is still accurate, we’ve got 69 hours. All that looks like everything is still you know intact.

What could happen is that your server could go down. Maybe they get busted and the key gets out of there, the server goes down or something happens. Then we end up getting a payment not getting anything even though of course I mean that could happen anyways. So really we are just trying to minimize everything.

I just contacted a client told her it would be more money because they asked for $500. They are also saying it’s 2.2 bit coin it’s not really $500. The big coin right now is $240 and change. When you go on the open market which is what I’m doing now paying like $300 for it. Also the 2.2 is more than 500 anyways.

I don’t know if they just have a generic form and then it is kind of like gold and commodities. What we are going to wind up doing here because I contacted the owner of the data. I told them that it was quoted the $500 was going to be more like $660, just to make he’s okay with that. Not that he really has any other options, he just responded back and he said go ahead, proceed see if we can get his stuff back. The last thing that I am doing here now this is the support page, imagine that they even have a support page.

Waiting for a response

I had sent them initially an email which was about I had uploaded a file and waited for like 10 minutes and  it didn’t come back and this is the response, no dates, times, nothing. But the first one on top, the brownish pinkish one you see that was me and they responded back, you file decrypted you they are not English speakers or writers. So what I did now was just to see if I can get a little something from their end, I just sent them a message saying “Do I still have time?”, I sent them even though you can see it right here.

Basically I just wanted to kind of ping them see if there is something going on make sure well nothing here is sure right? You guys are laughing right? So I’m going to wait a little bit on that and I’m actually just going to make the purchase of the bit coin that’s going to sit on my wallet anyways before I sent this payment. Hopefully, I can get a little ping back here from them just as the last confirmation and Bam you here we go and see what happen. I’ll see you guys in a bit. Thanks for watching.