Removing Chrome Malware from a Linux computer

Exploring the issue Hey guys, I got a good one here for you today. This is one of our Linux Ubuntu virus proof computer as I always say. My customer came in and told me he's got a virus. He can surf the internet, but he's got all kinds of popups and stuff. I'm [...]

What to do if you think you have a Crypto Virus

I want to show you here this is a customer that got a crypto virus on his computer. He called me up and he told me that he was opening up his Word documents. They had changed names and renamed formats and didn’t recognize and those kind of things. So I immediately told him [...]

CryptoWall Virus Tutorial part 17 of 17

Wrapping up the series We are finalizing the series of videos. Sorry it has been so long but I rather have more information for you than less. So here this is finished – all files decrypted, so that’s looking good. I’m actually going to go into a folder, let’s go to our Documents folder [...]

CryptoWall Virus Tutorial part 16 of 17

Working with decrypted files Here we’re watching the files being decrypted as you can see we downloaded the de-cryptor. It provided a key which what you guys saw and then when you run the program there it goes. You got yourself a A-Z ofanthe tutorial of the actual paying the ransom and getting your [...]

CryptoWall Virus Tutorial part 15 of 17

A small update on the series Basically we started doing all of this in pieces like this but it's live as I am doing it. So it is not the greatest as far as the quality but it’s the real Macoy. So that’s the decrypt key up there, we downloaded the software and ran [...]

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