Our recovery services

We provide data recovery services for your lost pictures, videos, documents. Anything that you have lost or deleted, we can get it back for you. There are two primary types of data recovery. One being software related where your hard drive basically got everything all mixed up or corrupt and now this information is not readable. Even if you have deleted something we can still get it back. So long as you haven’t rewritten over that information so every high likelihood.

The other type of recovery is hardware related. This is the actual hard drive physically has the problem, the spinning head, spinning reader, the discs are bad, it got jammed. Anything in that respect which requires physically taking it apart and replacing it, putting it back together and getting it to spin up again and being able to read it. We provide both those services so come see us at PC 911.

Watch our video on testing hard drive recovery and software to help you diagnose a bad hard drive.