There is many questions out there about what can be recovered. The hard drive is formatted, it is going to be recovered. We are going to start from scratch. with a brand new drive that I got right off of amazon and we are checking it first. It is important that you test.

If you want to be doing this you have to make sure that it is a brand new drive. So first I’m going to do recovery on this blind drive it should come back blank. From there we are going to add files and folders and we are going to delete them. Then recover them again with a couple different tools and see what they bring up again.

We are going to delete partitions. Reformat all that good stuff. Seeing how well these recovery tools can bring back things that were deleted from your drive.

Alright guys, so here we are we are doing the recovery of the new drive. There’s a brand new drive and like expected we got zero. This is basically our base point here to make sure there is nothing recoverable on there. What we are going to do is put so files on that drive, I’m going to close this out. Putting some files on and then delete them and then I’m going to come back and see if it was recovered. See you in a bit.

Here’s a follow-up, we put some different types of files on here as you can see. I put some Photoshop files, some PDFs, I got some JPEGS some larger ones and some small ones. Then I’ve got a couple Excels and a couple of Word docs. 15 files have been deleted. them and we are going to go through some recovery see if we going to get them back and read them. Catch you in a bit.

Here we are in our first recovery attempt. We are going to try Recuva, you can actually go to the site and download this free software. So probably the simplest we are going to be using a paid software so we are going to need to see how well this does with running the scan. It says it is going to take about an hour. It says it found 54 files there.

we got 15 so I don’t know if it is piecing them together and maybe making some fragments out of some of them. So we’ll see how it goes, we’ll catch you in a little bit.

So here we are with Recuva, finished found some files. We are going to get those files and recover them and see if they open up.

The files opened up, it did not pick them all up. We’ve got 8 total we got 15 so we got half of them. We’ve had 3 Photoshop documents they are not here at all. 3 PDFs those will not recover at all either.

5 JPEGs so they came through no problem with that. We had one Excel xls, the one that came through was the xlxs and then we got 2 doc files. This is the free recovery, I would say it did an okay job not a great job. I am going to run something a little bit better and then show you the results of that.

We are back, this is the recovery by RecoverMyFiles. There is 8 files so apparently it looks like it but it recovered pretty much the same one. So I am to put those into a folder and let’s take a look.

RecoverMyFiles is the exact 8 ones from the side the files recovered by Recuva. This is the file recovered from RecoverMyFiles one is free one is paid. They both basically did the same job right here.

We are going to go into another recovery software called r studio which has a lot of good word behind it one of the best in the industry. We are going to run that and see if it does a better job. Thanks for watching.

We ran r studio recovery and yes it did a much better job. it actually recovered all the files. They are repeated but basically going through all the 3 Photoshop file, the PDFs, the JPEGs.

The Excels in both formats in the Word in both formats and it did get them all back. This is what RecoverMyFiles found. 8 opened and r studio did a much better job paid. Now what we are going to do is we are going to format that drive and we are going to run r studio again and let’s see what it picks up on a formatted hard drive. That’s coming up next.

Here we are back again, and we did a reformat on this drive again we are using r studio here and it still picked up pretty much all the files. Only 1 Photoshop file was not retrievable or corrupt we could not open it.

So pretty good job over here with this all the other JPEGs opened, PDFs opened etc. Stayed tuned we’ll keep going along and see how far down the destruction path can r studio pick this up. Thanks for watching.

Welcome back, so this is going to be the final wrap up of the hard drive recovery series here. In this phase what we did like we talked about in the last video we had reformatted the drive. Let me show you where we’re at.

We have reformatted this drive and loaded it up a couple images and music folder to keep things simple. But basically it is 320 drive we fill the whole thing up, so as you can see there we left 2 Gb available. We pretty much filled up the whole thing that way we wrote over. The whole drive and we did the recovery and we got nothing back.

All these miscellaneous things recover but not the stuff that we needed. This stuff is probably coming from the music files and things like that we transferred over. But if we go to the actual recovery folder which I pulled over here temp data under r studio, test recovery.

r studio and then I made a folder called after formatting. So that’s where we got our Photoshop files came up there these 2 but that’s what you got so unreadable.  Under documents, no Excel, no PDF, No files show up.

Found some other stuff but not the stuff that we are looking that we had written. Just other stuff that it picked up. Same thing here stuff from the music albums and a lot of other bunch of stuff, corrupt file so in that transfer some other files came over as well.

But of the files that we had that we were using for testing came over. So if you want to do recovery just do it quick and don’t rewrite your file there may be other software out there. Again, we are just going with what we have here the three different software. So if you do lose some data do not write stop right there and get on top of your recovery. Better yet bring to us over here at PC911. Thanks for watching .

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