Gaming PC with a Blue Screen of Death

Hey everybody, we have a Gaming Desktop here today that is giving us a bluescreen and doesn’t boot. What I did at first was remove the hard drives it had and only leave the OS drive. What we did to eliminate variables was booting it to our OS drive and without a graphics card to determine if it is hardware or software, after booting it to his drive it crashed and got to Start up repair, so from there I went into System Restore to see if the restore point was set, it just restores the settings that where restored in the computer, but this PC did not have one and many Windows Computers I have seen recently do not have it on, don’t know if it is off by default on Windows 10. What I did was go to Startup Settings and booted it into safe mode. If you remember Windows 7 All you had to do was press F8 Key and boot to safe mode but that’s not the case her on Windows 10. In safe mode we were able to boot to the PC, so the first thing I will do is disable things on startup repair, you do that by using MSCONFIG and disable all of the startup apps that way it eliminates variables. So, I took a little shortcut here and booted the drive on another computer we had to see if it is thew drive creating the blue screen and not a hardware problem like one we had here which just had a bad ram. And we booted it up into out PC and it booted. After putting it on the computer it booted just fine, and in regular mode. After putting the video card back in everything was up and running normally, on the customers computer we were looking at the BSOD Codes, and seeing the Computers Reliability monitor which just records events on the computer. We also did a System File Checker which you can do on the command prompt by typing “sfc /scannow” and it’ll scan and see if any files are corrupted and causing an issue. Another one is called Deployment Image Servicing and Management Tool (DISM) and the command is “Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth” which will also scan and fix problems. Another thing is check for updates and perform those updates for example this one has a software update to Windows 10 20H2. And that’s what’s going on today at PC911. PC 911 Computer & Cell Phone Repair