Desktop Blue Screen of Death had Bad Ram!

Hey everybody, let me tell you what I have going on here today. We got a Lenovo Desktop that has been crashing and having trouble booting. The PC is on Windows 7 OS and it is crashing so what we did is tried booting it to our Win 10 OS Drive and it was giving us a blue screen. So, we are going to test the ram, I am using a software called Memtest86 and it runs off a bootable USB, the test ran and doing errors immediately. This is the best way to test the ram because sometimes you have cases in where the computer won’t even boots or post, but other times a ram can be the cause of a problem that makes the computer crash arbitrarily. The tech tested each ram and diagnosed each of them to find the fault, it came to be that one of the rams was indeed causing the problem, with it alone the computer did not even show video, we found it and booted the computer without it. One of the 4 sticks the ram was bad, the bad stick did not even boot up, we removed it and booted the PC with the good rams, and it posted and booted normally on our Win 10 OS Drive, so we will boot it to his Win 7 OS. We were able to boot up to the customer drive and run checks, and that’s what’s going on today at PC911. PC 911 Computer & Cell Phone Repair