How to Identify Drivers on Windows 10

Hey everybody let me show you some tips on finding a driver for let’s say “Microsoft Basic Display Adapter” which is generic after you do a fresh installation. So from the beginning when you do a fresh install you want to take a look at your device manager to make sure things look good. One thing you want to look at is your display drivers which will look like its fine because it would install a generic driver for example, “Microsoft Basic Display Adapter” on windows 10. When we look for the driver online through the device manager it will say that it’s correct. What you want to do is Right-click on the driver go to properties, details, and change the device description to “Hardware Ids” and there we would see the vendor and the device. We then go to which is a website that would help look for the correct driver where we write the vendor id and device number. Here you will get a list with your device graphics in order to then lookup for the right driver on the manufacturer website. So this is useful for lots of situations, thanks for watching.