Acer Predator Getting Hot and Games Running Slow

Hey, what’s going, if you’re asking what’s going on here at PC911, ill tell you what I got over here I have an Acer predator that was getting hot, the fans and the heat sink were completely clogged and nasty, what we have to do is clean them up re-apply some thermal paste and see what happens, one of the fans is also seized up it doesn’t spin so let’s see after we clean it up if it would work. Surprisingly the cooling system is pretty good because it was cooling even though one fan wasn’t spinning the other one was clogged up as well as the heat sink. If your computer ever gets like this you won’t be gaming anymore. When we cleaned it and put them back the fans were booth spinning, on the predator sense we can see how fast the fans are running and the CPU fan runs faster than the GPU fan which is normal and the GPU fan was at 0 before. To check the temperature, I used a program called “Core Temp” and it was cooling very good it was around 50 degrees Celsius, I opened up call of duty and a stress test to see how the fans would perform and the CPU core was running good and the Max temp has been 75 degrees Celsius and the GPU at 51 degrees Celsius so pretty good. There we have it Acer Predator running hot now cool, we will have one happy customer going back to gaming and that’s what’s going on today at PC911.