HP Envy 34 Curve All In One – Base cover removal tip

Hey guys, Welcome back to PC 911. I got a little tip for you. I have here the HP envy curve 34 inch All in One. This one here is basically dead, and the customer is sending it back for repair. All we had to do was remove the hard drive, and it kind of stumped us. So I thought I’d put this out there.

The videos that I saw online have you take these little rubber covers off, and then you get the screws. That was most of the videos, but that was not the case. We tried doing that, and yanking the heck out of it would not come off. We saw another video where it had this label and they pulled that label off, which we did. But is this happening to you? We tore the label off just the white one came off. There is another plastic cover there, and it looks so perfectly inlined that it didn’t seem like it was a label. So we pulled the white one off, and we just kept the secondary black label stuck on.

But after I went and dug a little deeper into this other area. I have nothing. There’s another plastic underneath that matches perfectly to the bottom base. So it does not look like it’s a label or plastic or anything. And that’s what it was really simple. In the end, there’s not a lot of videos out there on how to properly disassemble, so I thought I’d throw this up. And help anybody dissembleing this model HP 34 curved. Thanks for watching.