Lenovo 2 Pro LCD screen flickering when running on battery power

Hello everybody. You I want to show you a Yoga 2 Pro that we worked on and gave us a couple of little issues, So I want to provide you with some tips if you were to run into these same problems.

So one of the issues that it was giving us, that seems to be a lot of people are having is when running on battery power, the screen starts flickering. So we did some digging, and I’m going to show you what we discovered. If you got this problem, this could be one of your solutions.

The problem was in the Intel graphics control panel. In the Intel Graphics Control Panel, you head to the Power Settings, then go to Battery. Once there, you want to Disable all the battery options. So when those battery options are “On” the screen would flicker pretty bad. It was kind of scary, and we’d thought maybe we had a screen problem. So that’s one tip for you, and of course, you still want to check all your drivers as well.

Another tip I want to give you on this device that we ran into is when replacing the screen. That’s on several magnets. Some at the top, but it also has magnets in the middle of both sides of the screen panel. Take a look at your replacement parts when you’re going to replace them and make sure that you know what it comes with. That’s one of the things that happened. The replacement part didn’t bring any magnets. So we moved the original magnets over, Importantly the two little magnets in the middle of the screen panel are needed for helping the laptop go into sleep mode. The two magnets make contact with the palm rest when closing that allows the laptop to sleep, and wake up when you open it up. So these are the tips I have for you today, and that’s what’s going on over here at PC911.