Laptop Power Jack Fix!

Hey everybody, welcome back we have here today a Dell 7568, with a broken power jack that was pushed back and the customer could not connect it. The thing with this type of jacks is that is sits on a little square and it has a little leg on its side that attaches to a screw and what happens is that the leg just snaps.  As a matter of fact, we have another computer with the exact same problem and it’s a completely different brand and model. So, what we can do is just replace the jack right, well if we do from here to 6 months same problem is going to happen so what we do that’s better is seal it with plastic weld. The plastic weld is 2 putty type thing that when you mix together it hardens like a rock. So, what we do is mix them well until its one solid color. What I like to do is make a little bed on the bottom where it sits so when I place the jack it molds around it. Also keep in mind not to start touching everything with this on your fingers because then the mother board gets dirty with this and any other thing. As we sit it down make sure not to get anything in side that hole. Then we stuff more of it around it and remember to do all of this before it hardens. Another tip is to make sure the back cover can sit correctly and close with out this making it bulge. This repair is going to last the customer quite some time as this will be set in place for quite some time. Something I do is leave a little extra on the work mat and when that one hardens; we know the other one is ready. After a couple minutes it hardened and it is solid, and that’s what’s going on today at PC911.