How to check PC Temperature under stress!

Prime95 Link:

Core Temp Link:

FurMark Link:

Hey everybody, here we have a gaming desktop build that we recently did, had an i9-10900k, 64gb of ram, a GeForce RTC 2060 Super and lots of drives on it. What we are going to do is just check the temps and see how the cooling is doing. We installed a pretty nice Noctua CPU fan cooler. What I recommend is using Prime95 link above, this simply stress tests all cores at once and you even choose how many threads you want it to run at and choices of how to run it we use blend which uses a mix of it all. Along with this we are running Core Temp link above, to see the temperatures of each core as we run the test, keep in mind this is extreme testing I don’t think you’ll ever have the need to use all cores if you are using the PC regularly, this is worst case scenario testing. What I also use is to test the Graphics Card its called FurMark and this will stress test the GPU and with all of this we see the power of the computer and most importantly we get everything heated to see the temps and if we need to reposition the fans or even add more. In this test the computer actually did very good with the highest being 76°C which is around 168°F which is not bad at all for a PC running everything max. So, there you have it ways to test the computers power and temps all at once. And that’s what’s going on today at PC911.