This unit was failing to get to the desktop and Windows could not refresh or repair the installation. This is a very common symptom of a bad hard drive. This is a Lenovo Yoga and what was happening with this unit is it would try to get to the desktop and it would start repairing itself. The customer had been trying to reinstall the operating system and to refresh it. It worked for a couple of weeks and then it failed again. It keep going into the boot repair and trying to repair itself. So what we did here is first check the hard drive. When you got those kind of problems a lot of a lot of the time it is going to be the hard drive.

We took it apart which was a basic dis-assembly,  so that is why we did it this route vs trying to get the unit to boot with other software to check the hard drive.  Took it out and we are gonna check it and show you what that is going to look like.

We put the hard drive on an adapter. So that we could just connect it via usb. To our desktop and we are running Hard Drive Sentinel. Which if you have been watching my videos you have seen this software. As you see in the video this is a 500gb drive and the health is 2% and its red so that is self explanatory you can see that that hard drive is bad. Basically we need to replace a hard drive and reinstall the operating system and we will be good to go. So this is kind of stuff we do over here at PC 911.

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