Virus Proof You Say?

Hey everybody, welcome back and today I want to answer a common question that I am getting because lately. We’re promoting are Linux installations more than ever. Seeing that your Windows 10 is having all kinds of virus issues. The security issues are still there and more and more people want a way to use the Internet. Don’t want to be hassled, bothered by all these popups viruses, slow computers and all that junk.

Avoid Windows if you can

You have heard me say if you have been following my videos is that I don’t recommend. That you use Windows on the Internet at all and if you do then definitely don’t use Internet Explorer. That’s the worst operating system with the worst browser. So people then ask me what I recommend. I talk about setting up a virus-proof computer and that’s the question I have getting asked. You know how can you say that that’s a virus-proof? So let’s get into it a little bit.

Let’s look at Virus Proofing

What we do when I say virus-proof computer, I am talking Linux. Linux in an operating system just the same as Windows and OS 10. It is what is on a Mac, widely used, very stable. Probably more than half of all the Internet servers are running Linux. Far more that are running Windows so it is definitely more stable and I say it’s virus-proof. While it could get a virus you could also be struck by lightning but its chances are far, far and few. So, what happens is that probably 99.9% of all viruses are written to attack Windows computers.

Popularity can be a problem

Statistically probably about 90% give or take of all the computers that are on the Internet by users are running Windows. Maybe 6 or 7% or running OS 10 you know Mac Apple and then the other 2 or 3% different variations maybe of Linux. The percentage is very low of those machines on the Internet, so all the hackers and attackers, random ware writers, virus writers all that kind of stuff is written to attack a Windows computer. So it very simple if you’re not running Windows you are invisible to all these viruses.

Now, when I talk about Linux and installing a new operating system people say or feel that that’s going to get complicated. Frankly it’s not. When we do an installation you have two operating systems. You keep your Windows we just add a Linux operating system. You start your computer you chose Windows if you need a program run by Windows and most customers that I ask, hey what program do you need that exclusively requires Windows? Most can’t answer one but there probably is one or two here or there.

Does the browser matter?

But what we want you to do is use the leading browser right now is Chrome, you open up your Linux computer you are just going to open up Chrome everything looks the same, works the same. That Chrome is running on Linux which means it can’t be attacked, nothing can actually install on your computer even though you go to the same websites with the same malicious software they cannot install on your computer.

It’s a whole different language, it’s quite simple it sounds complicated but actually it’s quite simple. You have several browsers you can put on your Linux computer. The two primary ones that we are going to have installed right off the bat is going to be Chrome. Leading if you asked 9 out 10 teckies are going to tell you to use Chrome and also Firefox. They are both there so you can use either one if you have them preference and they are going to work exactly the same as if you were on Windows, exactly the same as if you were on a Mac.

To conclude…

Or you used those probably on your phone as well and maybe on a tablet. So that is why I’m saying these are virus-proof computers. There are no viruses that are being written for them. If there is something that is written for these Linux computers it’s resolved really fast. There are some reasons for that and we could get technical with that but the bottom line is nobody is writing viruses or malware for your Linux computers. So basically you want to use the Internet. You want to be invisible to viruses, let all those viruses attack all the Windows users and you just stay free and clear of it. Surf any website, click any link, open any email you want to get yourself a Linux computer.

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