Macbook Pro A1502 Trackpad Flex

Hey everybody, welcome back! Today we have a MacBook Pro 1502 in which the customer spilt some liquid again this is the second time we repair this Mac. So he had spilt some liquid not a lot but a splash, and the computer worked for a couple days until it died out. He told us how the trackpad was also having some fault. On this same computer I did a video on the relation of the trackpad and the keyboard. What we did was take a look at the mother board and we say things looked ok, all the water sensors were red since it had been here before. What we noticed thinking back to the trackpad being bad was that the flex was burnt. One of the connections on the flex was burnt and we saw it wasn’t working, what we did was get another cable and we were able to test it without removing the battery since this computer has the flex above the battery unlike other models in which the cable is under the battery. What we did to test the pc was disconnecting the battery and connect the computer to power and it turned on. On most models when the battery is disconnected and you connect it to power the pc powers on, so the power button worked to turn off the pc but not to turn it on. We thought back to the relation that the trackpad has to the keyboard and we replaced the cable with the burnt flex. After we tested the cable, we saw it was all good and we will have to do more test on the computer but for now the power button works for on and off and the pc works like before. And that’s what’s going on today at PC911.