Battery Info View App for laptops

Link for Battery Info View Application:… Hey guys, lets take a look at this unit today, had a bad battery. The computer wouldn’t even start, we have replaced it. So, one of the things you would want to do when you replace the battery is try to check and see the status of it, which it is harder now a days with everything computers have. What we use is called Battery Info View which is a free app by NirSoft. My first disclaimer is that it doesn’t work all the time since batteries are getting better and better as time goes. Here we see many different information, the main one to take a look at is the “battery health” which lets you know how the battery is doing, also the Full charge capacity and design capacity take a look at those. We usually verify that the design capacity is the same as the one on the battery. Here you will see them as 64,000mWh. That just means milli Watt hours, on the physical battery it will be in Wh (Watt hours) so in this case it will say 64Wh that way you know it is the same. The app also shows you the discharge and charge rate by -15,000 millivolts, as an example. Also, the cycle count is not always accurate. A tool that we use the most is the Battery log which is found in Battery Info View, which allows you to save a log to your desktop or any folder you choose of the charge rate going up or down. The reason it is good to keep a log is incase the computer shuts down and you want to know when it did the log will let you know otherwise the app itself will lose the information stored on it, same as when it charges, you’ll want to know when it gets to 100%, you can set it to update every minuet or 5 minutes all up to your preference. And that is what is going on today at PC911.