SSD Raid recovery

I want to show you a kind of a crazy SSD raid data recovery that we got into here. To show you sometimes the extent of things that you got to go through to get the job done. And that’s what we do here. Whatever needs to be done to get the customers satisfied, and get whatever the job is getting it done for the customers. In this case, this was a Sony laptop. Basically you got the palm rest over here, you got the base over here, the LCD and this is all in pieces it’s pretty much of a mess.

What happened is this computer wasn’t working for the gentleman. He took it to a shop and basically they told him no it could not be repaired. From there it was kind of an older computer so really not a big deal. But he wanted his data. So he asked to have the data recovery or back up the stuff on this hard drive. They totally could not do that either. That’s when he showed up here. I hadn’t opened the computer or anything like that so I didn’t think a big deal.

A difficult Sony setup

I said the hard drive we’ll take it out. Then put it in a dock then put it on an adaptor, we’ll get your stuff for you. But little did I know that Sony has a habit of doing these kinds of crazy setups and proprietary. You know cables and setups and stuff like that. When you are in trouble then it’s really a headache to get something done. So we took this apart. I took a look at this right it’s a Toshiba SSD which is fine and dandy. And it’s kind of different connector there.

What it is

It’s not the standard and we will find the connector. I looked a little deeper and if you look at this you see two layers there. Basically this is two SSDs, kind of like a little sandwich. You got one connector right there and then there is another connector. That Y ribbon is the one that goes to the motherboard there. Remember, this is the proprietary ribbon and I said I will take out the hard drives and read them. But looking further I find out that these two hard drives or SSD drives are in the rate zero configuration.

What that means is that this was done for performance that’s why there is two of them. Basically the computer writes to both of them at the same time. It writes to one and other piece to the other. The information is split between the two drives. So just taking the drives out and reading it gives you pretty much nothing. Since all the information is not there, it’s split up. The only option is to try to get this to read in the actual configuration and the easiest solution for that would be to get this computer up and running. So basically that’s what we go for, trying to get the computer up and running you find that we have a connector over here, this was the actual initial board.

Finding replacement parts

And this connector here and I am sure this happened where he initially took this, very difficult for this to break by itself so this is the power connector and you can see there it is pretty much trashed.So we couldn’t get it to power up due to that issue right now so we had to gone on eBay find ourselves another board, a used board just to get this thing up and running but it’s probably going to be no good. Because it is pieces the LCD is broken, things everywhere so ordered a board it comes in I think we are ready to roll and then we noticed that the ribbon that goes, this is the ribbon that goes in the same socket…this thing is trashed as well.

Locating a problem

So they probably just kind of forced it in and just demolished this ribbon, so we wind up getting another ribbon they are out there on eBay and another two or three days go by. We put it together the thing turns on for about a minute shuts down, so now the unit is overheating could be the fan, could be the heats sink we have done a rig here.

To try to keep it cool, put some copper shimmes under there but still running hot. So the other option, the solution I kind of found here was I just basically run my… this what we use to clean the computers inside, this is like a turbine fan, actually too powerful for what need. They say just run down on top of here, drop the temperature down enough where it’s up and running and we can actually just you know transfer for the dead, half of the data and now I kind of just shut it down.

If I had that fan flowing you won’t be able to hear me so otherwise I would show you that it’s up and running. So basically I wanted to show you guys you know crazy things that are going on over here and to show you also the persistent and commitment we have to getting the job done. And getting you know the solution that you need will go all out, whatever we need to do to get you know the job. Anything you need PCs, laptops, desktops, IPhones, Ipads, virus proof. Any problems you have bring it to PC 911 computer repair in Miami.

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