Hi everybody, welcome back.

This is the follow up to the last video part 1 on the slow computer. What we found is we had some processes that were running and there was two. There was one as you saw in the last video. We had a process which basically was an Apple process. We just updated our iTunes and that cleared that one up. After that we had another one with the Windows Player that was corrupt. We did some repairs on it and it kept coming back with corruption.

This is a Windows Ultimate more and likely you know that is not legit system. And the client is not really using Media Player. Actually Windows is even eliminating Windows Player altogether. What we did is we just uninstalled or basically turned off that service in Windows. You do that in add/remove programs and remove Windows Services. I didn’t want to go over that detail because it is like a 10 minute video.

But I did want to show you what finally came about with the computer. So we did our basic clean up and all that. But the main issue was that and I am going to show you here if you recall the last one. We are showing this idle process here that was at 40/50. It was actually most of the time it was pegging at 100 so you see it is pretty much down to zero.

I mean it is going to have a blip here and there

Actually we have Process Explorer opened and this window open. So that is even asking for a little bit of process right around. You can see everything is like nice and calm now so the computer has got all its resources ready to roll. You can see here in Processes CPU is clean, memory basically Explorer the Processes Internal Explorer that is basically up at the top which is normal. The other processes were not even showing up here this is your Process Explorer here Window which is the one that really shows everything and then we peg up on the CPU.

The top one 93/94 that’s the system idle process that which just means that that’s just opened for idle basically. Anything that comes up is going to use that so you will see that at the top usually unless you are running other stuff that’s got a higher percentage. And the same thing if we click here on the RAM, you are going to see the RAM up top you know nothing much there as well. So that’s the little follow up on the cleaned up, removed actually Windows Player and this computer is ready to roll. Catch you guys in the next video, thanks for watching.

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