Upgrading a Razer Blade Pro 17 Gaming Laptop!

Hey everybody what’s going on, late night here at PC911 and just going to talk about what’s going on. We got a super sweet laptop here, it’s probably one of the hottest PC’s and even one of the most high-end PC we have worked on here in a while. The PC has amazing specs it has a 10th gen i7 and keep in mind these specs and we are upgrading it, it also has a 500GB PCIE drive, 16gb of ram, 300hz refresh rate on the screen, and an RTX 2080. So, you may ask what do we need to upgrade on this computer well I mentioned it had a 500GB PCIE, this PC has 2 SSD slots. It came only with one 500GB SDD PCIE so the customer wanted to upgrade so he did not only go and get a 2TB 970 EVO Plus he got 2 of them for a 4TB NVME SSD storage upgrade, in addition it only had 16gb of ram so he wanted the full max 64gb of ram. I am jealous now because I myself have 32gb on my desktop. So, the PC has 4TB of NVME SSD storage and 64gb of ram. Upgrading this PC was not that hard it was just the T5 screws in the back and Philips for the PCIE SSD’s. This PC was even easier to do since it had 2 SSD slots, we popped one of the 2TB ones and cloned the 500GB on to it using Samsung Data Migration and if it is transferring it onto a Samsung drive it is free, since this is not a tutorial, I won’t be showing how it is done in this video. This was a super sweet upgrade for this PC it was pretty easy, it has a very nice and clean board and that’s what’s going on today at PC911. PC 911 Computer & Cell Phone Repair http://www.PC911247.com