Hey guys, here’s a quick video for you on phishing email spelt with a ‘Ph’. These are emails that in this case looks like it’s coming from PayPal, they come in different forms. They could look like they are coming from fed ex, UPS, postal service. Basically some of them will tell you click here or whatever to verify your package and things like that. All of them have some type of scam behind them. Whether it be getting you in this case probably. Let’s go through this one and then we’ll talk about the others. But this one for example. You look at the address up here serversetpaypall.com. Two ls so that’s a give away right there or should. I be paying close attention because that easy to miss.

Skip over here tells you that you have a problem with your account, you can click here to login etc. Sometimes it will tell you to confirm a purchase with a high amount and you will kind of get scared and say oh my God I never made that purchase and you just jump and go click and get over to that website. So that’s basically the concept of phishing is hitting you up with something that’s going to catch your attention or trick you into actually login into their account or clicking and getting some kind of a virus.

Even a ransom virus I’ve seen come in these kind of forms so the first thing to pay attention there. The other thing here on this email client is using outlook. If you notice when I hover over that link it gives you the address. That’s another thing for you to do because some of them are very well disguised you can’t really tell until you click. So there is one way to find out there.

Also in this version I am going to hover down here to the bottom but you are not going to see it when I’m hovering over but if you look down here as I hover over the actual link it also gives you the address there. So depending what you’re using but look that look for where that link is going before you click on it. And again pay a lot of attention here sometimes you will see misspelt words things like that which is going to be a give away to say hey this is not really PayPal.

The other thing you could do is just go to your PayPal account without clicking.So for example something like this and you’re not sure. Let’s say it’s very well crafted these links are hidden or whatever the case may be. Go directly to your PayPal, login and see what you see there so that’s another option. Same thing with Fed X, packages those kind of things you would do these different checks and if not go directly to those sites and take a look there. I am going to click on this link here just because I prior did already and this is one of the important areas of having a good anti-virus.

So I clicked on there and actually my Kaspersky popped up and blocked that actually. Let me see if I can go back and show you that. If you look down here towards the bottom right Kaspersky is going to give us a notification phishing link blocked. So it is recognizing that as a bad link and that it actually block it. This is Kaspersky internet security which is what we recommend here.  A lot of people are trying to use these free anti-viruses that themselves.

You know $34 but in these cases they do come through. Not always nothing is perfect, of course the best solution you already know what I am going to say which is Linux. But Linux is not the point of this video. It’s basically giving you the heads up be careful for all of these phishing emails. Read them carefully, take a look at where this linking is going and if you’re not too sure go directly to the website. Where the email is coming from. Be it PayPal, be it UBS, USPS etc…hope that helps and thanks for watching.

Learning to spot a phising email is your first line of defense. See how easy it is to get malware!