Roadblocks to Virus Proofing

Today I want to show you some of the road blocks and monkey wrenches with virus proof computers. Here we have an Hp, it’s a fairly new unit. The customer buy it at your local computer shop and we want it virus proof. Normally we don’t got to go to this extent. I would probably say 7-8 out of 10 computers we can just install Linux. Linux is the virus proof operating system without having to do any hardware changes. But in this case the WiFi card which is this little guy right here. It works but it’s not as fast. It’s also not stable. Basically the drive the software that runs it is just not a good fit with Linux.

The simple breakdown

So we go to the extent where we took the unit a part. This not that complex of a breakdown and basically this is the new one here. We keep in stock compatible Wifi cards because sometimes we do run into this. We give the customer the option. If they want to go through or they want to just keep their plain old Windows computer. Then deal with viruses for the rest of its life, the computer’s life. So usually they opt to change that card. By the time they decide on virus proof they are pretty much dead set on it. They are not going back to all that fun stuff with Windows. Pop ups, malware all that crazy stuff. If you have a Windows computer you’re dealing with on a daily basis and there is really no need for it.

Windows and the Internet

If you’re like most people you’re using the Internet about 80% of your use and Windows is the worst operating system on a laptop or basically on any device as far as a Windows computer to use the Internet. There are three operating systems primarily for your laptops or for your computers, you have Windows obviously familiar with that, you have Mac or Apple which is OS 10 and then you have Linux and that’s what we’re doing here. We’re installing Linux this computer will have 2 operating systems, it will continue to have its Windows 8.1 and it will also have your Linux operating system. So they can chose depending on what they want to do, if they are going to go with a software that requires Windows which would not be the Internet.

Things that connect

That would be on iTunes sync, a Windows game that they want to play, could be a Quick Books along those lines but once you get online you know basically Linux runs Chrome, Firefox. You don’t really need Windows to use the Internet as a matter of fact I don’t recommend you use Windows for the Internet. So this is how deep we’ll go to get this customer happy and on the Internet virus free.

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