Removing Chrome Malware from a Linux computer

Exploring the issue Hey guys, I got a good one here for you today. This is one of our Linux Ubuntu virus proof computer as I always say. My customer came in and told me he's got a virus. He can surf the internet, but he's got all kinds of popups and stuff. I'm [...]

Another Virus Proof HP laptop computer

Let's make a virus proof HP laptop. This unit, its an Hp, its a little banged up. Its running Windows 8 we are going to upgrade, wipe out everything and install a fresh Windows 10. We are going to virus proof this baby as well. We are going to install Linux Ubuntu on this. Then we [...]

Setting up some more Lenovo Virus Proof Computers

What you are looking at in the below video is some brand new Lenovo units, we got three right here. This is a really good selling unit that we have shown quite a few times lately. What we do with these is talk about virus proof computers. If you have seen our videos or are following [...]

Installing Linux – Ubuntu on an HP Laptop

Hey everybody, welcome back to another video. Here we are with an HP G7 Pavilion. this is a computer that was all junked up. It has spyware, malware, couldn’t get on the internet. You know all the stuff that happens to your Windows computer. So basically what we’re going to do is we are going to [...]

Yes, We Can Virus Proof Your Computer

Virus Proof You Say? Hey everybody, welcome back and today I want to answer a common question that I am getting because lately. We’re promoting are Linux installations more than ever. Seeing that your Windows 10 is having all kinds of virus issues. The security issues are still there and more and more people [...]

Linux Ubuntu Is Easy – Chrome Browser

I want to show you a little video on how easy a Linux computer is. I have some people asking me about a Linux or they hear me talking about a Linux. And my recommendations about not using Windows for the Internet. Complicated and all those kinds of things. I got to learn a [...]

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