Introducing Part 1 of the cryptowall virus tutorial

Hey everybody, I got a video here for you on a cryptowall or basically the crypto virus. This is a client that came in and basically you’ve heard a bit what it does. It encrypts – basically locks up your computer. I took the hard drive out of his computer, it was not working well to begin with anyways. I’m on a Linux computer you don’t want to do this on any other computer. You don’t want to get that hard drive from a Windows computer to another one.

Your current computer’s hard drive will likely get encrypted as well. Looking here at the files and there is a folder here how to recover your files. That’s the one that we just opened which is the instruction on how to get everything. What I am going to do (this customer agreed to try to recover his files), is going to be like $500. Basically it’s you know cross your fingers hope and this stuff comes back. This series of videos is going to be hit or miss. It’s the first time I’m going to actually go through this.

Limited information available

I don’t know if anybody has done this on the web then post a video. We are going to post a video and see in the end we get the data encrypted or not. This is the files here it tells you what happens, what does it mean and then from here we are going to go to these links and it is going to give us instructions and subtly do it while we are here and see what we get. So that’s the link and it’s going to ask you to log in and stuff like that so we are going to try this right here and this is live I haven’t done this before , I haven’t practiced this.

We are going to find out what happens hopefully I don’t ruin my Linux computer, I am going to come back to it because it is going actually be hard for me to do this and do the video so I’ll come back and forth and put it pause and I will be back I’m going to read this.