Why Virus Free Linux

Hey guys, welcome back to PC 911. Today we have here a Samsung laptop. This thing is sweet running an I7. And this is one of our clients that we have been talking about our virus proof operating system. He got sick and tired of all the pop ups, malware and all the junk that’s associated with surfing the Internet and Windows. I definitely don’t recommend Windows for the Internet. Windows is the worst operating system you could use to access, surf and get email – anything on the Internet Windows is the worst operating system you can use.

Fortunately for hackers 90% of users on the Internet are running Windows, so good for them bad for you. So you do have options and this client here said I’m sick and tired and I’m going virus proof. So here we go we are going to virus proof the computer. What we do first is we test it, since not all computers are able to be compatible with the Linux operating system. Then we are going to boot it up and test all the webcam and wireless. Once we confirm that it’s ready for the transplant or the addition of Linux we go ahead. I will show you a little clip after we are done, so I’ll see you soon.

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