Avita Laptop No Power On

Hey everybody, have you seen this laptop “Avita,” it’s a brand you can find on amazon. The computer had no power on, so when opened the back we were looking for something out of the ordinary. We found water damage on the flex that connects the main board to the sister board, so we had cleaned the flex and it was fine up and running but the battery wasn’t working so what we ended up doing is replacing both parts with a new part. After that it still showed no battery present, the computer is going to be good but no battery. It is giving us an X on the battery but at the same time it’s saying 255% so there definitely is something wrong here, even on the device manager it doesn’t show up. Here we will check out the battery app, I have multiple videos on it on the channel which you can take a look at. This app will give you lots of info on the battery, but yeah, this one is blank so it is definitely not good. And after that little drop in that one place, we got it up and running and that’s what’s going on today at PC911.