Looking for the source of the problem

I have this interesting computer over here, it looks like anodize but it’s not but basically it’s a gaming computer. It’s all decked out with a high performance video card, water cooling, high power the whole nine yards. I think this unit was giving a hard drive error that there was no hard drive present and I’m about to slide it out. The first thing I took a look at was the cables and immediately we found the problem. Let me show you what happened over here. How this happened I have no idea but here we go, let me show you this real quick…here we go.

Your data may not be safe

How’s that? The chances of this hard drive being okay are very slim. Something shorted out and this cable will verify that everything else is working properly. But could have been the short here or actually could have been the hard drive. We are going to be taking the hard drive SSD. So one of the points that I want to make with this video is a lot of people are relying on their data being safe, nothing like this happening it happens every day.

People are being overconfident with these SSD drives there something spinning they say well you know they last forever etc. But not if you have a short like this, if you have a short on your computer I don’t care what hard drive you have, the best in the world you know it’s going to die if this happens to your drive. So the tip or the take away on this video is always have your backup so when these problems happen basically replace your drive you’re good to go. 

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