The benefits of changing your keyboard

Hi Mac lovers, I want to show you what changing a keyboard on a Macbook Pro entails. Sometimes we get calls for a quote on changing a keyboard. People say well I can buy that keyboard for $40 on amazon and that is true. You could get this keyboard on amazon for $40 but changing this keyboard is not an easy task. This is the base of the Mac, let me open this  so you can see what we’re talking about. So this keyboard has to come out from the back. So the whole computer has to be taken apart. The whole motherboard, the fan, the whole nine yards.

You want to have some fun? Check out these little screws you know really have fun with this if you get involved in it. Actually, we have people who get started on repairs like this. Then call us and then ask us to bail them out. But we are talking the whole nine yards…CD, everything.

Be cautious when working on this part

The other part is that this keyboard has I don’t know 40/50 little screws holding it together, you see these little holes? These are like little screws, little screws everywhere very tedious job. So aside from all the complexities, the tediousness then you get into the fact that all these little connectors are tiny taking them off, putting them on. You break one little connector let me show you like these little things that there…these little tiny connectors here, these little tiny ribbons break one of these and you’re in for a treat. You are going to need a new motherboard which is going to cost you $450 or more all these little tiny ribbons. So we are going to do this guy here, actually this keyboard had a little water spill and it was shorting out the whole computer.

Putting it back together

So we got the new keyboard here, we got everything here going on and up with this baby back together. the point of this video is that some jobs are or this particular job is very, very complexed just because you’ve seen a cheap keyboard on amazon doesn’t mean that you’re going to be able to change it yourself. The same thing goes when some of these touch LCDs and things like that that you might see out there. I would definitely not recommend anybody that’s not done this before or is in the business to get involved in this repair much better to just bring it to us. Anything you need Mac, tablets, phones, PCs, laptops, desktops bring it over here to PC 911, thanks for watching.

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