Hard drives and Hard Drive Failure

Hey guys, welcome back I’m want to show you again. Talking about hard drives and hard drive failure, the importance of backing up. I have a customer computer here, this is a dell, it’s fairly new, I don’t think it’s 3 months old. I am going show you what would happen here Dell has an onboard diagnostic test is telling me that this hard drive is bad, the customer couldn’t believe it says this thing is brand new. But he is having issues with slowness, problems with restarting things like that so we got one test here.

The normal test that I do use as my rule of thumb is the hard drive sentinal and you may have some videos on that and that prior and that one is giving me a good drive…89% and one week sector. I think this is the first time I see a bad hard drive that this gives me a clean bill of health 

Don’t rely on one source

but it is what it is. Also not a good idea to rely on one sole source so I followed up with the Western Digital test which I use a lot, it’s pretty quick always has been fairly reliable to confirm something. It passed a smart test as you can see there but when we run the assure test which I’m going to do here…let me see if this works. We are going to run this quick test and if the quick test fails you know definitely not good sometimes the quick test will pass but the longer extended test will fail.

And still that’s going to tell you that the hard drive is bad but when the quick test fails like this you don’t want to be messing around with this drives, back up your stuff and you know play it safe. So the point of this video again is the importance of backup we have a new unit here pretty much. Let me know you the time on this hard drive because the hard drive is sentinel actually gives you, this computer have been started and 154 times and that hard drive has 42 days of use and it’s got an issue.

Testing is always important

So don’t get overconfident, you got a new computer you’re thinking I’ve got 2/3 years I’m not going to worry about my drive. It could happen to you just like this also remember every time you’re moving your computer around while it’s running in the car all that movement could potentially have effects. Somebody knew our hard drive was going to sensors for that but forget it you know that’s not a good idea. So the final word is, make sure you back up and then double check that you’ve backed up and then when you’re done with that make sure you back it up. Thanks for watching.

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