Hey guys, welcome back to PC911. I want to show you a unit that we are working on over here. This is running 6 hard drives; which means 2 of those hard drives have failed and the unit will still keep running. It’s a little bit complex, but something pretty cool. What I wanted to show you here is a way to check your hard drives.

The condition of them for example, in this case you can see down here. First of all, let’s go back; we are using hard drive sentinel which if you are following our videos you know that’s one of our preferred. Basically for a quick view shot. This other thing is to complete task, but this is the one that we use. It is going to give you a quick idea of these hard drives are running. It runs a test and it gives you a score – a health score. So we are going to go down here and you are going to see all eight hard drives.

I am going to go one by one and you will see that one is at 97, that one is at 100, 100, 100, 100, 5%. So what we are going to do here with this unit, we are going to pull this hard drive out and replace this is a raid so it will automatically rebuild itself but basically it is preventative maintenance. Even if this one completely died and it will still continue along so we want to get ahead of the game, you can see all the other ones are in good shape excluding that one there. We’ll replace that drive and we’ll have all of them at 100%, this baby will be running like a charm. Thanks for watching.

Alright guys, here’s the follow up for this unit. We replaced one of these drives; we rebuilt the raid and I just want to show you over here just like we saw on the previous where we take a look at all the hard drives right here. And we can see the health…97, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100 and 100. So all the drives they are at 100% except this first one here at 97 the raid has been rebuilt and it is ready to go. Thanks for watching.

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