Toshiba Keyboard Repair

Here I got a very nice Toshiba unit in very good condition. Unfortunately, some of the keys here on this keyboard are not working and we’re going to have to swap this keyboard out; since this is a high-end unit, the keyboard doesn’t come off the top here; it comes off through the back. It may seem like a simple fix just to change a keyboard right? Think again. The unit has taken apart completely and there is a keyboard right here. It gets ripped up and it thing and show you how it’s done.

Well, here we are continuing along with this keyboard replacement. As you can see here we have taken out the motherboard, everything, hard drive, speakers, miscellaneous board, CPU fan…everything. Now, we got this back plate here; which has to be taken off the keyboard and goes into that. As you can see this is a job; screws go everywhere and quite frankly, I don’t know if Fletcher is going to be able to put this back together. My money is he is going to have a couple of extra screws. We will see how that goes. We’ll follow up in a couple minutes and see how it goes.

Putting it back together

In the video, the keyboard already works and the technician is putting it back into place. As you can see that there is a lot to this; a lot of little connections going on. There is a tutorial on how to do it. Just show you what we are doing over here and if you are going to venture into keyboard repair make sure it’s not one of these. The technician is probably going to wind up bringing it to a store halfway through. Thanks for watching.


Here you see everything working fine. This thing is beautiful we basically ran through all the keys to make sure they are all working and the job is complete. There are extra screws so I guess I’m buying lunch this week so thanks for watching guys. If you need any computer repairs you know the place to go PC911.
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