Hey everybody, welcome back to another video. Here we are with an HP G7 Pavilion. this is a computer that was all junked up. It has spyware, malware, couldn’t get on the internet. You know all the stuff that happens to your Windows computer. So basically what we’re going to do is we are going to reinstall this operating system.  We are going to do something extra special after that we are going to virus proof this computer.

So he is not going to have these problems again. We are going to install Linux. If you have been seeing a lot of our posts about Linux.  We are going to be telling you more and more about it. So when you finally decide to say I am tired of viruses and pop-ups. All that crazy stuff I just want to use my computer. I just want to use the internet with no headaches you are going to know where to go. So this is not going to be a tutorial. I am going to give a little bit of a walk through.

One of the things that we do is create a separate partition when we run Linux.  A whole other operating system. So for anyone of you out there if you want to have an idea of what it is. Is that we have created a partition right here 100 Gigs. This is a 500 gig hard drive so we are going to leave 400 for Windows. We are just going to separate 100 for Linux and it could be 200. It could be whichever the case may be. We are going to do the install. Then we are going to follow up and show you how this comes out. Thanks for watching.

guys, so here we are we got the Linux installed. I am going to show you how this works. This here is our boot menu. You see this when you start your computer you have a choice here would be the default and then this also has Windows 8. It has two choices but basically, they both got the same place so we are going to go to the default which is the Ubuntu and this is an HP G7…nice computer. And now we will be able to surf the internet, click any link, visit any website, open any email not have to worry about viruses again with Linux Ubuntu.

Keep in mind here that it really doesn’t matter so much the operating system, what matters here is that you are going to use your Chrome or your Firefox which are already built into here and that’s how you are going to access the internet. There really isn’t going to be anything for you to learn new as you can see here this here is our little toolbar and once you open up your browser whether you are on the bank or whether you are on Facebook. Wherever you are at, you just don’t have to worry anything else anymore and by the same token when we do the restart Windows 8 and then we go into and look at that beautiful website…oh that’s my website.

same thing here it is done browsing, you want to use your Windows for whatever reason. Basically, you just do a restart and we just go to that menu and we just select the second choice and then you are going to go into your Windows 8 just like that. I am not going to take you all the way to the desktop.

The best operating system on a computer for the internet get away from malware and you Windows is the best operating system as far as flexibility for software and all that. So we got to give it credit for that. The best of both worlds right here, dual boot virus Linux with Windows available, brand new, we have used units or we can virus proof your computer.

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