Checking a Mac hard drive

I want to show you here I’m working on a Mac. Lately, we have been getting a lot more Macs in for malware and bad hard drives. I have done quite a few videos on checking your hard drive, which is one of the most common things that fail aside from getting attacked by malware. So I want to show you how simple it is to do this every once in a while on your Mac. First I want to show you here we’re running a scan and basically this hard drive is corrupt. We are going to run a repair on it afterward. If you got a Mac I wanted to show you how to do this real quick.

Running the command

Come up here to your finder just put in disk utility. After, put ‘dis’ right there so it’s already built in and it works fairly well. So basically just go to your disk utility and it brings up your screen. Here I have an external hard drive on, but this is going to be your local hard drive. Then here on your screen you are just going to go down here to verify disk.  So we are going to run that and it’s going to run through the scan I just showed you. It does several things right now the parts are okay but the secondary ones says it’s bad. Sometimes this will come back and tell you that they couldn’t complete and you need to go to other steps.

For something like that you just bring it in over here and we have the tools to do whatever kind of repairs. So just a quick tip, check up your hard drive every 2-3 months especially if you start seeing erratic behaviour, freezing programs and things like that. Give it a quick check up and if not you can bring it to us at PC 911 and we will check it for you.

Watch our tutorial on hard drive testing.