Diagnosing the problem

Hey everybody, welcome back to PC 911. I want to show you what we are working on here today. This is an HP all-in-one computer, it’s a business computer and it was slow and having issues. So you would think that a business computer you wouldn’t have it junked up like this. This is a Malware Byte scan, one of the scans that we use – 1,000 identified threats so if you go through these, what happens is that people just go online of course at work not everybody is working all the time.

So we just go through these and these are called PUP – Potentially Unwanted Programs and there is a 1,000 of them. So what happens is they’re working, they are taking up resources on your computer, they’re doing this little thing giving you pop ups, feeding you ads all kinds of crazy stuff that slows down your computer. And eventually when you get so many of them I mean it will just make your computer crash.  So periodic cleaning, actually the best bet is stay safe make sure you are on sites that you recognize.

Careful with what you click

When you get a pop up, read it make sure you are not installing something that you are totally unaware of those kinds of things. Remember also that pretty much 99 probably .9% of all malware viruses target Windows computers. We specialize over here at PC 911 in Windows, Mac and Linux, Linux is the leader as far as resistance to viruses. Primarily because no one is making a virus for Linux, so that’s what we call virus proof computer when you see our ads.

When you see us talking about virus proof computers we are talking about, we are talking about Linux. So you can continue to use your Windows, I don’t recommend it at all for the Internet you do not need Windows to surf the Internet. You may need it for your other software maybe you got some graphics software, maybe you got Quick Books, maybe you have iTunes things like that. That you would need a Windows for but just for your surfing which for the most part could be up to 80%/90% of what you do on your computer you do not need to run Windows.

Come by and take a look!

You could come check us out at PC 911 here in Miami and we’ll show you a dual-boot operating system. Meaning a computer that has Windows for when you need those specialty programs but when you are going to surf the net you would use Linux and you would have your same Google Chrome or you could use Fire Fox if you have a preference there. And you would be able to surf the Internet any link, any email, never worry about a virus, a pop up none of these stuff again. So come check us out.

Watch our tutorial on browsing the web safely.