Hey guys, welcome back to another edition of what’s going on over here at PC 911. I’m working here on a Sony laptop. It’s a nice high end computer and this is the hard drive. This is running what’s called a MSATA drive. Imagine this little guy right here is a 256 GB or 250 GB. This is what it had, it had this Toshiba right here and it basically died. A lot people are getting a little overconfident on these SSD drives. Because there are no moving parts and they feel that they just don’t fail but they actually do.

Number one of course is on these chips actually behind the sticker. But if you look at them there’s a lot of circuitry here. When you see circuitry. You know you can have any kind of problem so don’t over rely on your SSDs, on your flash drives any of those devices.

The only thing you can rely upon is that wherever you have your data unless on it’s on the cloud with Microsoft. Or something like that. If you got a flash drive. If you got a SATA drive, SSD, whatever you got going on it’s going to fail that’s what you can. Count on. So quite simply if you just had a backup like in this case. We had a backup we buy the new one. This is the new one here we are going to put this even right here really nice.

And if you have had the backup in this case. he doesn’t we would have to try to recover this guy right here. It would cost a couple of bucks to do that. We will just pop this baby back in there and get his stuff back. So moral of the story is back it up, like keep reiterating it don’t be overconfident. on these little guys they are awesome for speed but they do fail. See you in the next video.

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