Wrapping up the series

We are finalizing the series of videos. Sorry it has been so long but I rather have more information for you than less. So here this is finished – all files decrypted, so that’s looking good. I’m actually going to go into a folder, let’s go to our Documents folder and take a look. Here what you are going to see there is a lot of files here. This is a tough on for you to take a look at. You see all these folders City Of Doral Structural. You also see ABC the extension and then they type as ABC City Of Doral and Dania Casino.

We drop down you start seeing the actual document with the right extension. You see the dates as well. You see there the City OF Doral same thing we saw above. It’s going to be easy just by seeing the date and time all the new ones. We have City Of Doral etc form Dania let’s go back up, the Doral conformed to Dania. These are unencrypted.

Getting your files back

Now the odd part here I don’t know how it rewrote all those without really consuming the hard drive, actually it did take up a little space I guess less space than before. It did take up some extra space but I think we had 60 something GB here available so it may have taken up 10 extra GB of space. So one quick note if your hard drive is full to the max you might have a problem with this because it is not getting the same file and decrypting it, it’s actually kind of rewriting it by what we are seeing here.

Let me grab another folder for you real quick and are pretty much wrap it up and this would be easier for you to actually see what I am talking about. You could see right here the folder at the top with the ABC and then you would see the same one underneath with the proper extension, proper icon. Let’s just open one up for you, let’s grab an Excel so you can see that they are opening up. So we are good to go, let’s open up a PDF so as you can see these guys you know crooks whatever you want to call them they comply, they came through and they were actually pretty nice and gave us a little thank you for your payment. This concludes our tutorial of how to get your files back from the crypto virus

Check out this fake BSOD screen.