Speed up your computer with an SSD hard drive

I want to show you something you can do to speed up your computer. Here we’re working on an older MacBook that still ticks and still runs well. Basically, we are just giving it an upgrade, we’re changing the hard drive and we’re putting in this baby right here. A SanDisk 240 SSD, this thing have come way down in price $120 and we’ll re-install the operating system and these hard drives are close to 10 times faster than the spinning disk or the conventional disk that you are going to find in these machines.

So that doesn’t mean that the computer is going to be 10 times faster but it would be significantly faster. So if you got one these older units and you don’t like the way it’s working you want to bump up the performance bring it over to PC 911 and let’s put one of these babies in there for you.

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