You guys have probably seen some cell phones how these batteries sometimes get all blown up but this took the cake. This is a Mac Book Pro with this battery you could see there they expand. Over the course of time I guess they just get bad with all the chemicals in there, who knows what. This thing basically blew up you could see here this track pad totally blown up and hopefully this thing is working.

The thing we’re going to do is just get this thing out of here, you know take it off. Disconnect it all that stuff you do not want to mess around with this thing at all. I will let you know how it goes. We are going to be taking off this back panel, disconnecting the battery and then taking it off we are going to wind up being having replace this track pad hopefully it didn’t have any damage in there. We’ll be showing you what’s going on with that.

I’m surprised that this is not totally popping back, I thought this was going to give a lot of pressure but apparently not. This is interesting because this side as you can see I guess its way it’s designed that only this side didn’t bulge at all. You can see it only bulged out that side. So we are going to continue here, this battery has these tri-wings screws. If you’re going to take this off you got to look under here this one doesn’t have one there

Apple likes to make these special screws so that’s a pain in the neck. Tri-wings 3 little tips, we got the battery connector right here we are going to pry that out, plastic stugger get that up. Most of these batteries have like a third one. So there you go, it’s interesting that it popped where that splits so there is your battery we are going to get rid of this thing before it really pops. That’s pretty crazy. More and likely this is completely shot, it is completely bent out you see that. So we’ll be ordering a track pad and then from there we will be replacing that.

We are actually going to test the unit first just to make sure it’s working. Let’s give that a try. So we are going to give it some juice and see if this is working…its spinning. Probably would have been a good idea to disconnect that track pad. I would recommend you do that even though I didn’t. So in this case it looks like this is going to work. I don’t want to take up too much time on this video to show this exploding battery. This is a pretty simple replacement. You take a look at this basically you got this ribbon right here pops right there, these two brackets look like they are still intact. So we should be ok with that. That’s what’s going on over here today at PC 911.

Hey guys, I just had to show you this that even with this destroyed track pad the full track pad. I’m going to run my fingers all the way through all the angles of the track pad. Even this shattered area it’s still 100% working even like that so that’s a pretty good story right there for Apple. As far as being resistant…thanks for watching.

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