I want to show you a hard drive recovery that we just did here, a data recovery.

The success was pretty good so I am going to show you how well sometimes not always that you can recover data even on something like this. For example, I am showing the hard drive it’s the one there with the 4%. 4 % health means the hard drive is in pretty bad shape…almost dead but it is still readable. So what happened here is they were having all kinds of problems with their computer. At some point I guess it restarted and it went into a re-installation. That’s the condition of the drive

I am actually going to show you the drive right here, it is this E drive. Apparently, it went into a re-installation that failed .That’s what actually brought them in. But all user files got deleted. You come here you can see that there’s no user data in here…all the folders are missing. So they kind of freaked out. Now all their stuff is gone. I basically want to show you the whole picture of what happened. Also how much we are going to recover. So this is having trouble even opening this up when you got a hard drive in this condition. I have already recovered the data. That’s why I’m messing with it. But you really don’t want to mess with a hard drive when it’s in bad condition.

It might just die on you.

So you lose your opportunity to try to recover it, so that didn’t open up. Let’s see if I can go back and get it to, so it is having issues opening up these folders. But the point here was that the hard drive is wiped. Meaning it got reformatted so when you delete data and you try to recover it. Generally that’s pretty simple most of your data is still there. So long as you don’t write over it and things like that it’s fairly easy to recover with a simple recovery and some free software that’s out there. But once you number on got a bad hard drive and two reformat the drive and basically do another installation on top of that it gets pretty difficult to get anything back.

Let’s take a look, we did a recovery on this.

We used R-Studio and I have done videos on that in the past. We’ve used some different software but this is probably the best going on right now. So I am going to open up the folders of what we got. I did the recovery and put it in this folder right here. Which is easier and that kind of organized it .When you do recoveries you get so much stuff .You get everything that has ever been on that hard drive. Maybe 90% stuff you really don’t want but it’s better to get everything and then weed through the stuff you don’t want.

So not to make this a 10 minutes video. The primary things you want is music so I organized all the Mp3 right here . So if we go through these he’s got 3,032 recovered.  Sometimes you’ll find this list recovery and sometimes they are not going to work. Let’s go through some of these and granted not everything here is going to be a full song. It could be a Mp3 just a little piece of music that on from Windows.

So if we grab some of those and some came over with names and everything…names and album art. Sometimes you just get the music without name or album art so a pretty good job here. Let’s play a couple more so you can see that. So we got tons of music that was his main thing and also got his JPEGS .Plenty of pictures came back so a successful recovery. If you’re wondering out there what happens if I delete my data and reformat and my hard drive is bad. Well, if you take it to the right place which I would say its PC 911 we can get your stuff back. Come check us out.

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