Watch us fix this iPhone 5 screen!

This iPhone screen is broken and the right corner here is terribly damaged. We will have to use the G-tool which is a special tool to fix and straighten out corners and other parts of the phone as well. If this corner is not repaired the new screen will not fit in properly.

Let’s go and get started on the repair.

  • Remove the bottom [00:34] screws, with these repairs you have to use the Pentalobe screw driver or Philips screwdriver for the rest of the screws each side.
  • The first thing you need to do is turn it off don’t want to short circuit something. So definitely the first thing you have to do is turn it off.
  • Pry into here (bottom front) and get the screen and there we have it inside of the iPhone 5
  • Remove the first / and then either with your nail or you can use a prying tool. I like to be safe and not use nail or anything into the motherboard. I’ll use my nail and get away it and pry off the connectors and there you have it. So that’s the screen and the motherboard…battery there.
  • We have to remove everything ear speaker, front facing camera, home button in the back holding, the housing of the screen and the [02:51] them together
  • Remove all screws from screen and slowly pry up the button right here so you don’t have to damage and break the button and then you would have to replace that [04:23] button.
  • Right here is the ear speaker right here and here we have the front facing camera. One more last screw on base plate or back plate and it comes off and that there is the screen.
  • Now we are going to replace it with the new one. We are going to continue with this screen here for the iPhone 5. This is the old screen as you can see shot out
  • We are going to start by putting on the back plate in and then the front facing camera. So you guys can see I usually [08:50] how it’s supposed to go.
  • Bring the ear speaker right on top and be ready to put the screw it [09:29] it is magnetic [09:38]

All the components on but the front facing camera and ear speaker and [10:15] screws.

Make sure the battery is disconnected before installing the screen just to [10:57] something. Now, you can definitely [11:03]. We have just the digitizer left and it goes right here on top of the [11:59] just to just in case [12:04] off don’t have to worry about anything disconnecting. Fit in all the screws and now place it [13:11]. Last but not least the pentalobe screws and there you have it, your iPhone 5 repaired.

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