Hey, going to do a couple of videos on a couple of tweaks pretty simple stuff but every little bit helps. With Windows 10 going to follow you around, chase you around and you want to know everything that you’re doing. First, what I am going to do here is turn off locations. Just type location on your command line and go then to location, privacy settings. we are just going to turn that off. The next thing we are going to turn off is Cortana. If you want to use these just go right ahead but standard you probably going to want this off. Just type Cortana and get Cortana search settings, ok so Cortana is off.

After changing Cortana this is another tweak would be to turn off. The online search so basically if you’re looking for something on your computer say document called gorilla something. This is going to search the internet for gorilla. as well more and likely probably don’t want that so let’s just say that’s a tweak that I would turn off. And that’s going to be on search. Then its going to be Cortana and search, these are just my tweaks but we got Cortana off but we are going to turn off online and include web results.

You’re going to go to Google and do an online search. Normally if you are doing a local search here like I said something called gorilla you really not searching online. You would do that in your browser. That’s why I have that as a recommended tweak here for what local. One here or at least on this video it’s going to be an updating sharing which is something crazy. I am going to come over here and we are going to do updates. We can’t control the update anymore like before so we are going to go to Windows update settings. We are going to go to advanced options. Here I would not go automatic. First of all, here I would set up notify schedule restart otherwise it’s going to do a restart. Whenever it chooses to and you want to control your restart yourself.

The other one is I want to go here choose how updates are delivered. Turn this off. What this does is grabs updates from other people and other networks. actually and has new updates or upload and share data with other computers that really doesn’t make a whole lot sense. Other than Microsoft trying to reduce their server load which is kind of weird, so I would turn this off as well completely.

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