I want to give you some tips over here on your Windows 10 installation. if you are doing a refresh or an install; whichever one you’re doing. You are going to wind up coming to this screen. ‘Get going fast’ everybody wants to get going fast and that’s what Microsoft wants you to do. They want you to get going fast and they want you to use the express settings. That way they can be all in your computer, know everything about you, what you’re doing, what you’re not doing. So if you’re good with that go right ahead with the express, if not I recommend you actually go manually. Very tiny at the bottom customize settings and actually take a look, read. What do you think? You want Microsoft checking everything you’re doing.


These you would not go into individually but most of these you could turn off but take your time. Some of them you do want to turn off and then some are just optional. I am going to go through them here, I don’t have them all out of my head but the last time I took a look I did turn some of them off. So let’s take a look -:

  • Personalization – for example here do you want to send all your contacts, all that information to Microsoft? If it were me I would have said no, I would probably recommend no unless you have a good reason to do it.
  • Send tying information I not that out
  • Apps using advertising ID, I would probably not that one out too
  • If you are really using Skype maybe I would leave this on but frankly I would take it off too. If Skype needs anything it is going to turn it on.
  • Location – I would turn that one off as well. If you find that you’re doing things and you want to be located then that’s fine otherwise this is all the information that Microsoft wants from you.

So this first screen my recommendations right there are off. I may have another video tomorrow that says otherwise but for now I would that.

Granted on your phones all these stuff you know you are giving it to Google, you’re giving it to Apple but frankly before Windows 10 Windows 8 was not used to all this stuff going to the vendor. So it’s up to you. The other part is that all this kind of stuff is going to slow down your performance. Granted if you got a super fast computer that’s going to make a difference but if you buy yourself a $300 computer all these things going back and forth to Microsoft could make a little bit of a difference. Here you got some other customizations…off…off…hotspots you do not want to connect automatically to a hotspot. Error and diagnostics, I would turn that off too. Microsoft got plenty of people sending them info they don’t really need yours so turn that off. ..second page all off.

  • Smart screen – I would leave that one on
  • The prediction – yes I would leave that on
  • Get updates – turn off

So that’s my recommendations for now on page three. So you got rid of stuff there. I had another video with some more customizations where were if you’re not using Cortana turn her off. If you are separating your online search from your local search then I would also have it to not search the Internet every time you’re looking for something on the computer. So those are couple updates there and any new stuff that comes up we’ll post it for you.

Another quick tip, if you are setting up a Microsoft account, login with them and ask permission every time you’re going to use the computer. Unless you want to do that I suggest you make a local account which is the way computers are being used for the last twenty years what have you. It’s down here you don’t want to skip this step otherwise you are going to create a Microsoft account. So let’s go to that and if you notice most of things that I’m recommending are in small text and you might want to make a note of that all the big prompts. The salesy kind of messages are all going to be probably in favour of Microsoft getting all into your stuff and probably slowing d. So just redo everything and we should be good, thanks for watching.

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